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Clean Rivers Trust

Clean Rivers Trust

Clean Rivers Trust is an internationally acclaimed, award winning charity which uses pioneering techniques to clean up rivers, lakes and other waterways. The Trust was established in 1990 and now stands at the forefront of research into decontaminating polluted bodies of water, reducing flood risk and protecting these vital environments.

The charity is working at a site near Belper in Derbyshire where polluted tar pits have contaminated the ground and water, making the area harmful to human, animal and plant life. Building on their own research, Clean Rivers Trust are planting willow trees around the tar pits, adding bacteria-rich compost to help them grow. Willow trees are incredible natural engineers, stabilising the ground with their roots and enabling bacteria to get deep into the soil, breaking down acids and carcinogens. Their initial work on the site has already resulted in a dramatic drop in acidity. Wildlife is beginning to reclaim the area, and parts of it are now safe for the public to access. When the whole site has been completely restored it will become a nature reserve that can be safely enjoyed by the local community.

In October 2020, the Swire Charitable Trust awarded the Clean Rivers Trust a grant of £18,000 towards this exciting and innovative project to restore the Belper Tar Pits.

Amount awarded:£18,000
Date awarded:October 2020
Region:East Midlands
Length of Award:12 months