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The Snowdrop Project

The Snowdrop Project

In 2012, a group of trained, experienced social workers came together to tackle the lack of long-term support for survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery in Sheffield. Trafficked people become traumatised by their experience of being threatened, tricked or coerced into labour exploitation, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude or criminal activities. They often suffer extreme abuse, leaving lasting mental health problems. Those who escape or are rescued from trafficking are typically offered a few weeks of support, but this is far from being enough to set them on the path to recovery.

These social workers recognised that longer term support was needed and set up the Snowdrop Project to provide it. Survivors are given one-to-one support that lasts from a few months to a few years, depending on the individual involved. Survivors often struggle to live independently and facing long and complex legal cases.  They become isolated, separated from their families and cut off from the local community by language barriers. The Snowdrop Project offers wraparound support with the multitude of issues faced by survivors, including counselling, help accessing legal advice, interpreting services, help with accessing housing, education and independent living support.

In June 2019, the Swire Charitable Trust awarded The Snowdrop Project a grant of £50,000 over two years towards their work to enable victims of human trafficking to rebuild their lives.

Amount awarded:£50,000
Date awarded:June 2019
Length of Award:24 months