We have tried to make our application process as simple and transparent as possible. There is just one stage, with a single form for all three programmes and all types of grant. There are no fixed deadlines or closing dates – we welcome applications all year around.

To apply, please complete our online funding request form, outlining succinctly why your work is needed and effective.
Please remember that we can no longer accept applications by post or email. If you apply via these channels, we will ask you to reapply through our website.

Before you apply

If you’re thinking about applying to us for funding, here are some documents that may be helpful. We particularly recommend that you review our guidelines before embarking on your application.

Application guidelines

Essential reading before and while making an application to us.


Application form questions

All the questions you’ll need to answer in the online form – just for guidance.


Standard grant conditions

We attach these standard conditions to the majority of our grants.



Clear answers to common questions.


Apply for funding

When you are ready to make your application please submit a funding request by completing the following steps:

Pass our eligibility test

Please answer all the questions and submit your responses.

If your responses indicate that you are eligible to apply for funding, you will move automatically to the next step. If they don’t, you won’t be able to proceed.

Complete the online funding request form

Please complete every field and try to demonstrate why your charity’s work is needed and effective. Most of the questions have character limits but please don’t think that you need to use these up. Concise answers are often the most compelling.

A PDF of the questions on our funding request form can be found above. Please remember that this is for guidance only and you must submit your request via the online funding request form.

Add attachments and submit your request

At the end of the form, upload a copy of your charity’s latest inspected or audited accounts. If your charity is too new to have these, a copy of a bank statement will be fine. You’ll also get the chance to upload budgets and any other materials that you think may add weight to your request.

You can make changes and save your form at any time before submission. Return to it at a later date by clicking ‘Save and resume later’. You will have 30 days to submit your application.

When you have completed the form you will have the opportunity to review your answers and, if necessary, go back to make any final changes. When you are happy please click ‘Submit application’.

Our application guidelines and FAQs are there to help you complete your application. But if you need any extra help, please email

What happens next?

Once you’ve submitted a funding request, your part of the process is complete. It’s now up to us to review your application and consider it for a grant.

1. Acknowledgement

When we receive your completed request we will send you two emails: one acknowledging receipt and a second containing a copy of your submission. After that, we may request a call or meeting with you or you may not hear from us again until we’ve determined the outcome of your application.

2. Assessment

After an initial assessment by our grants team, eligible requests aligned with our current funding priorities are passed to trustees.

Grant proposals of up to £25,000 are considered at Monthly Grants Committee Meetings, with larger requests (£25,000 or more) reviewed at Quarterly Trustees Meetings, usually held in January, April, July and September/October. The application window generally closes two to three weeks before each meeting.

Decisions are usually made within one to four months, but occasionally it can take slightly longer.

3. Outcome

We will notify you by email if your funding request has not been successful. Regretfully, due to the small size of our team, we are unable to offer any feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Successful applicants will receive an email notifying them of the grant awarded and then a grant letter and cheque will follow, along with our standard conditions. We aim to send payment within a fortnight of awarding a grant.

Whether or not your funding request has been successful, we would ask you to wait at least one year from the date of application before reapplying to the Trust.